Clydie x Project Horse chestnut gelding Clydesdale x in BLACKWALL, Tasmania for sale

Clydie x Project Horse chestnut gelding Clydesdale x
Clydie x Project Horse chestnut gelding Clydesdale x
Clydie x Project Horse chestnut gelding Clydesdale x
Clydie x Project Horse chestnut gelding Clydesdale x

Eye Catching Project Horse
Approx 16.3hh, 8yo Clydie x gelding. Chestnut with 4 white socks and a white blaze. (he is compact for his height, takes 6'3 in rugs so will fit in most standard horse float bays.)
I bought him to replace my riding horse who had to be retired, however I havent felt that bond with him, he has big shoes to fill as my last riding horse was my best friend, despite him being my dream horse looks wise there is no connection, he seems to get on better with my husband but my husband has since done a back injury and unlikely to be riding again anytime soon, so don’t need another riding horse, and it also means Hubby can’t go back to work until its healed so we are now on one income, hence the sale of this beautiful fella.
Have been focusing on putting weight on him as he was quite lean when we got him, he has picked up well in the 5 weeks we have had him, will need to gradually build up muscle and fitness. He’s also had rainscald, has been treated with quit itch, but still some minor scabbing on his face that will continue to need quit itch or similar applied until fully gone.
His biggest flaw is how wary of new things but will just stop and look and maybe snort, doesn’t leap around or take off. He is seems wary of new people and will need to build trust with new owners. Would ideally suit someone that is into natural horsemanship that can help him overcome his worry.
I have taken him to the beach, he is fine to float (he does pause at the ramp then goes in ok, I haven’t yet worked on getting this perfect but believe with more trips in the float this would disappear, in all honesty it probably took 5mins to get him on and the ramp closed).
Out and about he was fine with water, wind, waves, numerous wallabies jumping around on the bush track etc even Hubby who is a confident beginner walked and trotted him up the beach for kms on a long rein.
I haven’t done anything else with him since as working on him gaining weight, has been wormed no issues, had feet done no issues, chiro out to fix pinched nerve in hind end was a gentleman, was told teeth done recently so haven’t had them checked yet. Not currently being ridden, I work full time, have 3 kids and now have to do most of the house work, farm work etc until Hubby can lift stuff again.
Bred in NSW, I believe he has only ever done trail riding, no formal education that I’m aware of. He doesnt have performance horse conformation so would ideally suit someone looking for a trail riding horse. His previous owners rode him bitless, I have had him in a snaffle, he stops easily, walks, trots and canters on a long rein, was fine with being left behind or being out in front.
Selling as OUT OF WORK PROJECT, AS IS WHERE IS but in saying that i dont think it would take much to get him going, i havent seen any bad behaviours in him, we sadly just dont click and I just don’t know him well enough to put unknown riders on him who I have no idea of their riding skills, I don’t believe there is any dirt in him, and I haven’t seen any but my property is not insured for people riding on it.
Suited to intermediate rider and up. Would be ok with confident beginner riders once in work, but he is a big horse and needs confidence from his rider to assure him when he is wary.
$1500 FIRM. Paid more than this for him but need quick sale. Located in the North, near Exeter. Willing to drop him off if local or within an hour for petrol money.
Email as first contact so I can avoid over seas scammers annoying me on my mobile.